Customized Lighting Solutions For All Social, Corporate, And Music Events.

An immersive and engrossing atmosphere can make all the difference in making an event a success.
And when it comes to creating such an environment, lighting plays a key role.

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Whether you are hosting a corporate event, a concert, or a wedding, lighting plays a vital role in setting the tone and mood for your event and can leave a lasting impact on your guests.

Stage Lighting

Set the tone for your event with our stage lighting service. We use the latest technology and different types of lightings to bring various elements together to create the perfect feel and vibe for your event while also keeping the attention on your brand image and personality.

Textured Lighting

Textured lighting involves placing a stencil in front of a light source to project a particular shape, image, or logo. While it can be used in any type of event, textured lighting is particularly ideal for corporate and sponsored events. You can use this lighting to project your company’s or the sponsor’s logo on a wall, the background of the stage, or even a staircase to make a strong and lasting impression on your guests.


Uplighting involves the strategic placement of certain light sources at the base of walls, columns, or other structures, pointed upwards, to illuminate an area, highlight points of interest, or create a dreamy ambiance and add depth.
Uplighting is a classic and most classy way to add dimension, depth, and texture to the environment.

At Colorado Live Events, we understand the importance of lighting

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