Whether you’re hosting a conference, a music concert or an expo trade show in Colorado, our American DJ AV4IP LED Video Wall are fit for every occasion and event. With the impressive brightness of 4000 NITS and a 4mm. pixel pitch, our screens also offer great displays during the daylight, making them ideal for all your outdoor events as well. Our most common screen sizes are 18′ x 10′, 15′ x 8′ and 12′ x 7′ , but the possibilities are endless.

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Colorado Live Events is a leading provider of LED Video Wall Rentals across Colorado.



Immerse yourself in the energy of live performances with our vibrant LED video walls. Every seat becomes the best seat in the house.


Capture the Spotlight at Your Booth! Elevate your brand with videos and presentations on our stunning LED video walls.


Ensure Every Attendee Has a Clear View! Our LED video walls guarantee that every audience member can comfortably see speakers and videos, no matter where they are seated.


Make Waves at Fairs and Festivals! Deliver announcements, entertain, and dazzle the audience with our screens, creating an unforgettable experience.


Elevate Your Corporate Meetings! Watch your presentations come to life on a grand scale, ensuring every detail is showcased prominently to leave a lasting impact.


Make your graduation ceremony an extraordinary event with the mesmerizing visuals of an LED video wall

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LED Video Walls for Better Displays and Memorable Experiences

Nothing can replace the charm and magic of big screens. Turn your events into unforgettable experiences with our LED Screen rental, customized according to your needs. No matter how big of a screen you want, we have the resources and skills to set it up for you. 

LED Screens are great for all your
corporate and commercial events, concerts, expo trade shows, festivals, political rallies and product launches.

Our LED Video Walls can serve as stylish and impactful customizable backdrops

Display your brand logo, advertise your offers, or put your message across through our LED screens to garner more attention and get a better response!


Our LED Screen Rentals Packages Start at $2,499.00

LED Video Wall

12' x 7' (28 panels)

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LED Video Wall

15’ x 8’ (45 panels)

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LED Video Wall

18’ x 10’ (66 panels)

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LED Video Wall

20’ x 12’ (84 panels)

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All our LED video wall packages include the following:


· ADJ AV4IP LED Screen modules
· Ground Support for ground stacking 
· NovaStar VX4S video processor

· Roland V1HD HDMI Video Switcher
· All cables and accessories
· Set up and strike 
· AV technician to set up your video wall and run the show with you.



*Delivery fees vary depending on your event’s location


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At Colorado Live Events, we strongly believe in providing only the best to our clients. To ensure we live up to our claims, we use AV4IP high-resolution video panels from American DJ. Want to know why we only use this particular screen and advice you the same? Here are some of the reasons:

Ideal for Outdoor Use

Our IP65 LED screens not only offer great display indoors, but they also work equally great outdoors, both during the day and night.

Our AV4IP video panels come with a pixel pitch of 4mm, 3-in-1 RGB SMD1921 LEDs configuration, and 4,000 NITS of brightness, which means they offer perfect displays in bright daylight too.

They Offer Wide View

Our Led screens offer a viewing angle of 140 degrees, which means your audience will get the perfect view from every angle.

Hey are Easy to Connect and Energy Efficient

Our LED video wall come with an internal 14-bit NovaStar data receiving card, linking multiple panels together using the standard Ethernet cables and one video processor. It also allows using a single power source for multiple panels. Each panel will only draw an average of 60Watts. Even when drawing maximum power, the panels will not exceed 180 Watts.

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Add a Professional Sound System and Lighting To Get a Complete Package at Great Price!

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